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Aerial View of Housesteads Roman Fort

This image shows the layout well. You can see the wall around and the four gateways.  We are looking towards the south east, the wall comes from the bottom right and goes away to the west in the top right. The most prominent building in the bottom right is the barrack block, to the left of this more like an outline is a store room, with a bathhouse more distinct near to the gateway, above the barrack block is granaries, and less distinct to its left is the Headquarters building. The larger building to the left again is the commanding officers house. Above the headquarters building is the hospital. At the extreme left, just within the wall, you can see the latrines, and outside the wall some parts of the civilian settlement.

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Photographer: Simon Ledingham

Picture Copyright  Aerial photo by Simon Ledingham used with permission. Previously on www.visitcumbria.com


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